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Sandra Grabman has graduated from one- and two-page stories to several published books on various actors of stage and screen.

Writing about others is easier than writing about myself, so I would like to start out by publicly thanking my beautiful teacher at Grandin Court Elementary School in Roanoke, Virginia, for encouraging that awkward little kid to follow her dream and write stories. There have been many very kind people in my life, but Mrs. Sherman deserves an award for allowing me to read that day’s offerings to my classmates each afternoon.

It couldn’t have been easy for her. In retrospect, I realize those 1-2 page stories about everyday occurrences must have been awfully boring to her. Mrs. Sherman, I’d like for you to know that my writing style has improved since then.

Richmond Professional Institute (now known as Virginia Commonwealth University) gave me wonderful training in the secretarial realm, and it has served me well over the years. When not burning the midnight oil writing a book or article, I work as a church secretary; so that training is being used day and night. Being a secretary (nowadays referred to as an Administrative Assistant) is a key that opens many doors. As a secretary, I have seen firsthand behind-the-scenes operations in the aluminum industry, the worlds of insurance and banking, the medical field, a radio station, and churches, both large and small. I’d say my best education came from the six years I spent as a Legal Assistant to a personal injury attorney. One learns much about human nature by being the liaison between the injured party and his lawyer.

After living all my life in Virginia, we moved to Oklahoma in 1980. The difference in the cultures of the two states is vast, and I’m afraid I still haven’t become properly Okie-fied. Early training leaves a profound imprint on us for life, it seems.

Watching our grown sons, Buz and Steve, make their own way in the world, working and achieving, makes this one of the most fulfilling times of my life.

Drop me a line at srgrabman@cableone.net and say “Hello!”

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