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Pat Buttram: Rocking-Chair Humorist Credits DVDs

Pat Buttram:
Rocking-Chair Humorist

By Sandra Grabman

Book cover

BearManor Media  ~  Sept. 21, 2010
2nd edition

Format  ~  Paperback
Pages  ~  192
ISBN  ~  1-593-93426-2
Price  ~  $19.95

Pat Buttram has been the source of laughter and joy to us since the 1930s. The tension caused by Gene Autry’s pursuit of the bad guys in movies, radio and television was broken by his yodel-y voiced sidekick, Pat, who had the wonderful ability of turning our frowns into smiles. On Green Acres, he did it again, this time as the lovable con-man, Mr. Haney. He also appeared in several Elvis Presley movies, and even won acclaim for his eerie dramatic role on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

What was Pat Buttram really like? Was he the typical comedian who was the embodiment of merriment on stage, but glum when the cameras weren’t rolling? Were all his hilarious lines written for him, or did he “think funny”?

His family, friends, and cronies in showbiz reveal to us the Pat they knew and loved. He was even funnier offstage! He wrote not only much of his own material, but that of some of his friends, as well. Would you believe President Reagan? Yes sir, Pat gifted him with some nifty one-liners that were delivered with a merry sparkle in our President’s eyes.

Pat was a very good man who loved to make people happy. He had a soft heart for charities, as well, and lent his talents to their success. In looking back at his life, one gets the feeling that it was meant to be. Pat was born to bring us laughter and happiness. Things fell so neatly into place in his career that a Divine Hand just had to be involved.

This book not only tells you the life story of this brilliant man, but will also bring a smile to your face. Throughout the book you will find many of Pat’s original jokes for your enjoyment. If they make you laugh, their goal will be achieved.

The first edition of Pat Buttram, The Rocking-Chair Humorist was published by BearManor Media on Oct. 20, 2006. This second edition includes new information, as well as new photos, supplied by Pat Buttram’s friends and relatives.

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