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“Something’s Missing”

By Sandra Grabman

It’s the Christmas season! How fun!

I walk through the neighborhood to see what Christmas cheer awaits. The Burks’ sidewalk is lined with three-foot-high, red-and-white striped candy canes. Looks like a delightful Candyland path for any child to take. Next door is the Adams’ house. Their lawn has cute moving reindeer in it. One even has a red nose. Neato! Then comes the Stewarts’ house. They have an inflatable Santa and elves in their yard. They somehow keep them in place in spite of the powerful Oklahoma wind. The next house on the block is the Pruetts’, and their two-story house is outlined in multicolored lights. Glad I didn’t have to climb that ladder to get them way up there!

Santa stuck in chimney

What’s that nagging feeling that keeps bothering me? Something’s missing? Nonsense!

Shrugging off that pesky feeling, I go to the next house. It belongs to the McElroys. They have inflatable decorations, too – a snowman family. How adorable! A little way down the street I see the Murphys’ house and their decorated Christmas tree through their picture window. Its branches are bedecked with Disney characters skating, waving, and opening gifts. The Freemans’ house beside that one has a clever decoration on their roof – Santa’s sleigh full of gaily-wrapped gifts, and protruding from their chimney are Santa’s feet. That makes me laugh.

On, no. It’s that kill-joy little voice inside my head again. “Something’s definitely missing,” it tells me. “ Something really, really important.”

This is no time for worrisome thoughts, so I continue my little walk. A few neighborhood stores come next, and they all have big signs in their windows, reminding us of the number of days left until Christmas and urging us to do our shopping there. They have a special sale for last-minute items for the procrastinator.

As it begins to get darker, I turn toward home. The church bells begin to ring in the distance, and I wonder what on earth it could’ve been that seemed to be missing.

Christmas lights