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Lloyd Nolan: An Actor’s Life With Meaning Credits DVDs

This was taken when Lloyd was 10 and posing with an unidentified younger friend.

Lloyd Nolan: An Actor’s Life With Meaning was published in December, 2010.

Co-author Joel Blumberg’s area of expertise was Lloyd’s career, whereas my focus was his off-camera life. We each did what we do best, and I feel the result is a pretty fine biography. I hope you’ll think so, too. Here’s a sneak peek.

Lloyd was the youngest of 3 children, born in San Francisco in 1902 to Irish parents James and Margaret Nolan.

With such a rich Irish heritage, it’s no wonder they cast him as the compassionate policeman in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 32 years later in 1934.

He originally wanted to be a journalist, but the acting bug hit Lloyd early. He attended Santa Clara University, then Stanford University, but his heart wasn’t in his studies. It was much more fun to participate in college plays.

Lloyd Nolan in a cowboy costume
Nolan and West in 'Every Day’s a Holiday' (1937)

And, hey, there are some pretty good perks involved when you’re acting with the likes of Mae West. . .

and Mary Carlisle. . .

Nolan and Carlisle in 'Tip-Off Girls' (1938).
Nolan and Valerie in 'Michael Shayne, Private Detective' (1940)

and Joan Valerie.

But what he loved most of all was his family – daughter Melinda, son Jay, and wife Mell.

Lloyd and Mell’s son was a precious little boy, but he was afflicted with autism. This disability very much complicated their home lives and caused Jay, as well as his family, much anguish. Jay died suddenly in 1969 at the age of 25 and, from then on, Lloyd was determined to do everything he could to improve the lives of autistic people and their families. He hosted fundraiser telethons, he testified before congress, he narrated documentaries, he gave interviews – you name it, he did it. The results were greater public awareness, better programs, and a law that provided proper education for disabled children.

Lloyd Nolan’s life was indeed one of great meaning, both to the entertainment industry and to the world in which autistic people and their families live.

For that, we are profoundly grateful.

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Lloyd Nolan: An Actor’s Life With Meaning, by Sandra Grabman and Joel Blumberg, is available in both print and audio formats. Read by writer and film producer Nat Segaloff, the unabridged audiobook runs 5 hours and 8 minutes.

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