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Albert Salmi’s Credits

Albert Salmi did it all – movies, TV, and theater. Click on any of the links below to go to that section of Albert’s credits.

TV Series and Mini-Series
TV Guest Appearances


Billy the Kid – Mr. Maxwell
Breaking In – Johnny Scot

Jesse – Sheriff Bill

Dress Gray – Sgt. Oliphant
Born American / aka Arctic Heat / aka Jäätävä polte – U.S. Emissary Drane

Hard to Hold – Johnny Lawson
Best Kept Secrets – Ed Dietz
Fatal Vision – Judge Dupree

I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can – Ben Martin
Love Child – Captain Ellis
Superstition / aka The Witch – Inspector Sturgess
Thou Shalt Not Kill – Hugh Grover

Dragonslayer – Greil
Guns and Fury – Col. Liakhov
St. Helens / aka St. Helens, Killer Volcano
Burned at the Stake / aka The Coming – Capt. Billingham

Brubaker – Rory Poke
Steel / aka Look Down and Die / aka Men of Steel – Tank
Caddyshack – Mr. Noonan
Cloud Dancer – Ozzie Randolph
Cuba Crossing / aka Assignment: Kill Castro / aka Key West Crossing / aka The Mercenaries / aka Sweet Dirty Tony / aka Sweet Violent Tony – Delgato
The Great Cash Giveaway Getaway / aka The Magnificent Hustle – Hicks
Portrait of a Rebel: The Remarkable Mrs. Sanger / aka Portrait of a Rebel: Margaret Sanger – Haywood

Love and Bullets – Andy Minton
Undercover with the KKK / aka The Freedom Riders / aka My Uncercover Years with the KKK – Lester Mitchell

Sweet Creek County War – George Breakworth

Empire of the Ants – Sheriff Art Kincade
Black Oak Conspiracy – Sheriff Otis Grimes
Moonshine County Express / aka Shine – Sheriff Larkin
Viva Knievel! / aka Seconds to Live – Cortland

The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder – Splint
A Place Without Parents
The Legend of Earl Durand – Jack McQueen
Night Games – Pete Toley
The Take – Dolek

Moving Target

Female Artillery – Frank Taggert
The Manhunter – Rafe Augustine

Escape from the Planet of the Apes – E-1
Lawman – Harvey Stenbaugh
something big – Jonny Cobb
The Deserter / aka La Spina dorsale del diavolo / aka Djavolja kicma / aka Ride to Glory – Schmidt

Three Guns for Texas – Cletus Grogan

The Flim Flam Man / aka One Born Every Minute – Deputy Meshaw
Hour of the Gun – Octavius Roy
Meanest Men in the West – Quinn
The Ambushers – Jose Ortega

The Outrage / aka Judgment in the Sun – Sheriff

The Unforgiven – Charlie Rawlins
Wild River – Hank Bailey

The Bravados – Ed Taylor
The Brothers Karamazov / aka The Murderer Dmitri Karamazov – Smerdjakov

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TV Series and Mini-Series

Greatest Heroes of the Bible, mini-series – Har-Gatep

Harold Robbins’ 79 Park Avenue, mini-series

Once an Eagle, mini-series

Petrocelli – Pete Ritter

Daniel Boone – Carolina E. Yadkin

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TV Guest Appearances

B-Men, unsold pilot – J. B. Slater
Mission: Impossible, “The Fuhrer’s Children” – Richard Kester
The Young Riders, “Speak No Evil” – Bart Nickerson

Knots Landing, “To Sing His Praise” – Jonathan Rush
Murder, She Wrote, “Murder Takes a Bus” – Joe Downing

Knots Landing, “Love to Take You Home” – Jonathan Rush
Trapper John, MD, “Double Bubble” – William Thurman Wilson

Scarecrow & Mrs. King, “The Long Christmas Eve” – Ted Rudolph
Hart to Hart, “Highland Fling” – Col. Mac Bridger
Knight Rider, “Custom K.I.T.T.” – Buck Rayburn
The A-Team, “Diamonds ‘n Dust” – Jonathan Fletcher
Small and Frye, “The Case of the Concerned Husband” – Scar Tongue Malone
Ace Crawford, Private Eye – ep 3/29/1983
Simon & Simon, “The Secret of the Chrome Eagle” – Sgt. Donegan
Bring ‘Em Back Alive, “The Shadow Women of Chung Tai”
Simon & Simon, “The Club Murder Vacation”
Dallas, “Crash of ‘83” – Gil Thurman

St. Elsewhere, “Legionnaires”, Part I
Dallas, “The Ewing Touch” – Gil Thurman
Dallas, “Fringe Benefits” – Gil Thurman
The Fall Guy, “Guess Who’s Coming to Town” – Sheriff Baker

The Golden Age of Television, “Bang the Drum Slowly”, rebroadcast with present-day interviews – himself

The Yeagers – ep 6/8/1980

B.J. and the Bear, “Shine On” – Orville Rucker

James at Sixteen, ep 2/9/1978 – Uncle Chester

Police Story, “The Six-Foot Stretch” – Lt. Keasby
McNamara’s Band, second pilot 12/5/1977 – Jovan
Future Cop, “The Mad, Mad Bomber”, Parts 1 and 2 – Chief Ross Wheeler
Baretta, “The Runaways” – Carl Kruegar
Insight, “Leroy”

Tattletales – himself, with wife Roberta
Ellery Queen, “The Adventure of the Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley” – Herbie Morrow
Run, Joe, Run – ep 1/17/1976

Theatre in America, “Who’s Happy Now?” – Horse

Kung Fu, “Cry of the Night Beast” – Branch
Police Story, “A Dangerous Age” – Harry
Hec Ramsey, “Scar Tissue”
Toma, “A Funeral for Max Berlin”

Ironside, “The Double-Edged Corner”
Barnaby Jones, “The Deadly Prize” – Vince Bucola
Hollywood Television Theatre (PBS), “Winesburg, Ohio”
The Streets of San Francisco, “House on Hyde St.” – Joe Rudolph
Love, American Style, “Love and the Vertical Romance” – Victor
Kung Fu, “Nine Lives” – Shawn
McMillan and Wife, “Killer, Killer, Who’s the Real Killer?” / “No Hearts, No Flowers” – Joe Marley
Ironside, “Ollinger’s Last Case” – Bill Eaton

The F.B.I., “Canyon of No Return” – Clifton Taggot
Bonanza, “Ambush at Rio Lobo” – Stretch
Love, American Style – ep 10/6/1972
Bonanza, “Search in Limbo” – sheriff
Night Gallery, “The Waiting Room” – Joe Bristol
Kung Fu, series pilot – Raif

The F.B.I., “Three-Way Split” – Roy Mills / John Michaels
The Name of the Game, “Showdown” – Luke
High Chaparral, “A Man to Match the Land” – White Horse / Pat Morrison

Hollywood Television Theatre, “The Andersonville Trial” – Sgt. James S. Gray
Gunsmoke, “Sergeant Holly” – Willis Jeeter
Hawaii Five-O, “The Payoff” – Vince Ryan
San Francisco International Airport, “The High Cost of Nightmares”
The Interns, ep 10/9/1970 – Lt. Osland
McCloud, “The Concrete Corral” / “Murder Arena” – Goose
Land of the Giants, “Graveyard of Fools” – Melzac / Bryk
The World of Disney, “Menace on the Mountain”, Parts 1 and 2 – Poss Timmerlake

That Girl, “Great Guy” – George
Judd for the Defense, “What Can You Do With Money?” – Malcolm Iverson
Bonanza, “The Thirteenth Man” – Marcus Alley
The Virginian, “The Death Wagon” – Corp. Smoot
Gentle Ben, “’Gator Man” – Mike Maddox

The Big Valley, “The Buffalo Man” – Birch
Cimarron Strip, “The Last Wolf” – Sam Gallatin
Custer, “Dangerous Prey” – Col. John Mark Charrington
Gentle Ben, “Knight of the Road” – Hobo Jim
The Road West, “Elizabeth’s Odyssey”
Gunsmoke, “Mistaken Identity” – Ed Carstairs
Lost in Space, “Treasure of the Lost Planet” – Capt. Alonzo P. Tucker

12 O’Clock High, “The Pariah” – Maj. Brunner
T.H.E. Cat, “Brotherhood” – Cantorte
Jericho, “Have Traitor, Will Travel” – Pia
The Monroes, “Wild Dog of the Tetons” – Hasner
The F.B.I., “The Plunderers” – “Cowboy” Eddie Richards
The Legend of Jesse James, “The Lonely Place”
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, “Dead Man’s Doubloons” – Capt. Alfred Brent
The Big Valley, “Under a Dark Star” – Keeno Nash
Lost in Space, “The Sky Pirate” – Capt. Alonzo P. Tucker
Gunsmoke, “Death Watch” – Holly
A Man Called Shenandoah, “The Accused”

Laredo, “Jinx” – Cletus, the Jinx
I Spy, “Weight of the World” – Dr. Chulock
The Virginian, “A Little Learning” – Rafe Simmons

Profiles in Courage, “The Mary S. McDowell Story” – Mr. Schneider
Destry, “The Nicest Girl in Gomorrah” – Ed Bender
The Fugitive, “Angels Travel on Lonely Roads”, Parts 1 and 2 – Chuck

Route 66, “93% in Smiling” – Aaron Kronberg
Redigo, “Man in a Blackout” – Ward Bennett
The Virginian, “Brother Thaddeus” – Brother Thaddeus / Willie Cain
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, “The Day of the First Suitor” – Frank Turner
Route 66, “But Who Will Cheer My Bonny Bride?” – Charlie
Twilight Zone, “Of Late, I Think of Cliffordville” – William Feathersmith
Rawhide, “Incident of the Pale Rider” – John and Jim Day / Rivers
Alfred Hitchcock Theatre, “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” – Theodore Bond
Grand Slam, unsold pilot

The Defenders, “The Apostle”
Stoney Burke, “The Wanderer” – Larry Dodson
Combat!, “Cat and Mouse” – Sgt. Jenkins
The Virginian, “It Tolls for Thee” – Quinn
The Eleventh Hour, “Angie, You Made My Heart Stop”
Saints and Sinners, “Three Columns of Anger” – Paul Manzak
Wagon Train, “The Frank Carter Story”
Route 66, “A Long Piece of Mischief” – Ollie Crump

The Twilight Zone, “A Quality of Mercy” – Sgt. Causarano
The Investigators, “Panic Wagon”
Tales of Wells Fargo, “Jeremiah”
The Untouchables, “Power Play” – Steve “Country Boy” Parrish
Wagon Train, “Wagon to Fort Anderson”
Play of the Week, “That Old Foolishness” – Peter Sheeran
Naked City, “Button in the Haystack”, with wife Peggy Ann Garner – Len Baker

Have Gun Will Travel, “Vernon Good” / “The Sanctuary” – Father Montalvo
Rawhide, “Incident of the Captive” – Vince Lohman
Bonanza, “Silent Thunder” – Albie
Hotel de Paree, “Sundance and the Delayed Gun”
Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond, “The Peter Hurkos Story”, Parts 1 and 2 – Peter Hurkos
The Twilight Zone, “Execution” – Joe Caswell

Adventures in Paradise, “Somewhere South of Suva” – Paul LcBlanc
G. E. Theatre, “The Family Man” – Billy Ashbold

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, ”The Jokester” – Mr. Bradley
Climax!, “The Volcano Seat” – Lt. Nichols
Westinghouse Studio One, “Man Under Glass”, with wife Peggy Ann Garner – Lenny Shank

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, “The Dangerous People” – Jones
The U. S. Steel Hour, “The Hill Wife” – Joel Shay
Kraft Theatre, “Most Blessed Woman” – Putnam Cox

The U. S. Steel Hour, “Survival” – Holmes
The U. S. Steel Hour, “Noon on Doomsday” – John Kaltell
The U. S. Steel Hour, “Bang the Drum Slowly” – Bruce Pearson
Studio One, “The Open Door” – Skeets Chase

Danger, “The Little Woman”

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Who’s Happy Now? – Los Angeles

The Price – Broadway and London

Anna Christie – Los Angeles

Once There Was a Russian – Broadway, Washington D.C., and Delaware)

The Failures – Off-Broadway

Howie – Broadway

The Good Woman of Setzuan – Off-Broadway

Bus Stop – Broadway, then national tour

The Rainmaker – Broadway

End as a Man – Off-Broadway, then Broadway
Day of Grace – Westport Stock
The Scarecrow – Off-Broadway

Harvey – The Catskills

Squaring the Circle

The Male Animal – Maine Summer Stock
The Burning Bush – Dramatic Workshop theatre, New York

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